Zach Levitt

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Hello, I'm a visual designer with interests ranging from interactive cartography and data visualization to generative art and painting. I currently make maps and graphics on the Washington Post graphics team. Previously, I worked with the News Apps team at National Public Radio, the Los Angeles Times Data and Graphics team, and completed a fellowship with the Voting Rights Data Institute at Tufts University and MIT.

I also continue to work with an interdisciplinary research group under Professor Carly Thomsen studying crisis pregnancy centers and abortion access in the United States. Our research was recently published in Political Geography. It is the first published article examining mobile crisis pregnancy centers. Here is a PDF of the paper.

In February 2021, I graduated from Middlebury College with a joint degree in geography and computer science. At Middlebury, I worked as a research assistant for Professor Jeff Howarth working on developing Google Earth Engine applications for justice-oriented applications and tutorials for introductory Environmental GIS courses. During Summer 2020, I worked with Professor Howarth on applying machine learning approaches to identify land cover change on the Channel Islands of California.

In addition, I previously worked with Professor Guntram Herb to study Indigenous experiences with U.S.-Canada border, as a teaching assistant in introductory environmental and human geography-based GIS courses and computer science courses, and as an advanced computer consultant at the College's technology helpdesk.

Here is my one-page resume. More information on the projects listed above can be found here.

I am also a practicing visual artist, focusing on drawing, painting, and digital/generative techniques. You can view a selection of my work here.

Finally, please be in touch via email or Twitter!